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Email ticketing

Client contacts can create/update tickets via e-mail.

1. Install PHP extensions:

  • php-imap
  • php-mailparse

2. Configure at Settings > Mail:

  • IMAP Host
  • IMAP Port
  • IMAP Encryption

3. Turn on: Settings > Ticket > Email-to-ticket parsing

4. Add a cron job to run email_parser_cron.php every minute

5. Ensure that all clients have the correct 'website' configured at Clients > Edit Client (optional - for auto-contact creation)


  • Only supports basic authentication (no oAuth) for now - a “nice to have” in the future
  • The IMAP connection uses the same SMTP Username/Password configured for sending emails should be configurable in future
  • As closed tickets cannot be re-opened, replies to closed tickets raise a notification
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